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This is the street brand select shop Chocolate Jesus’ branch coffee shop, Chocolate Jesus Coffee Miyagi.
The neighborhood of Chatan near by one of Okinawa’s most popular surf spots, Miyagi Seawall. There are people from the U.S., as well as people from the mainland who moved to the island living here and is also a hangout block for the locals. Within that neighborhood, is Chocolate Jesus Coffee Miyagi. With the inside of the shop being a refurbished garage, we try to keep the image of it while making a comfortable space.
Come by and try a cup of our coffee if you have the time!

Business hours : 10:00 – 19:00
No Holiday

ストリートブランドセレクトショップChocolate Jesusの姉妹店Chocolate Jesus Coffee Miyagi店です。
沖縄のサーフスポットでもある北谷の宮城海岸近くにある住宅街。そこはアメリカ人や内地からの移住者、地元の人達が住む味のあるブロック。そんな住宅街にひっそりと佇むChocolate Jesus Coffee Miyagi店。ガレージを改装した店内は出来るだけその雰囲気を残しつつ居心地の良い空間となっております。

営業時間 AM 10 : 00 – PM 19 : 00
定休日 無休